Saturday, February 5, 2011

Flood in Johor 2011

About 50,000 people were evacuated to shelters flooding, especially in Johor, as floods continue to inundate low-lying areas in several states.

The death toll remains at three in the afternoon, two in Johor and one in Malacca.

In Johor, 11,104 families were 45,145 Johor Flood victims currently housed in 267 shelters, according to the Johor state government official portal

The state Johor Flood control room reported that by 10 hours, Segamat the highest number of evacuees to 19,441 families in 4791, followed by Kluang with victims of 2449 included 9239 families.
There are also rates for the 2,736 victims in Johor Baru, Muar in 2445, 2629 in Batu Pahat, Pontian in 658, 2438 in Kota Tinggi, Mersing, in 1999, 4312 and 1148 in Kulaijaya Ledang.

The number of evacuation centers, 93 SEGAMAt, Kluang (45), Johor Baharu (17), Muar (22), Batu Pahat (28), Pontian (nine), Kota Tinggi (19), Mersing (a), Ledang (26) and Kulaijaya (seven).

Several roads remained closed in SEGAMAT, namely, Mile 8, Jalan Muar, Segamat, Sungai air bridge at Km 63 Jalan Muar-SEGAMAT, Johor Baharu kilometer 217, in Seremban Taman Anggerik and the road to Felda Redong by bridge collapse.

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